why domain names are not free

Why domain name is not free : Domain names are not free because they need to be registered. Registration is done with a registering authority and renewed annually with a domain name registrar. A domain registrar is a company thus recognised that manages the reservation of domain names.

Without a registrar recording such registrations anyone will register any name thus leading to duplication and multiplicity of names. This will lead to a serious confusion as it will prevent the original brand to claim ownership of the domain.


The cost of registration and renewal can vary depending on the registrar and the type of domain you wish to register (such as a .com or a .org). Additionally, the fees help cover the costs associated with maintaining the domain name system, which is the infrastructure that allows domain names to be associated with specific IP addresses.

In addition to the costs associated with registering and renewing a domain name, there may also be additional costs for certain services such as privacy protection, website hosting, and email hosting. These services are not always required, but they can be useful for those who wish to have a more professional or secure online presence.


Another reason why domain names are not free is that they are considered a valuable asset. Having a unique and memorable domain name can be beneficial for building a brand  or a business, and it can help increase visibility and credibility online. As a result, domain names can be bought and sold like any other valuable asset  and the prices for certain domain names can be quite high.

It’s also worth noting that many organizations and governments around the world operate and manage their own top-level domains (TLDs) such as .gov, .edu, and .mil, these TLDs have their own registration rules and fees associated with them.

In short, domain names are not free because the process of registering and maintaining them involves costs associated with the infrastructure of the domain name system and they can also be valuable assets that can be bought and sold.

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