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Welcome to Sears Communication’s Website Cost Calculator for India! Curious about the cost of building a website tailored to your needs? Look no further. Our unique tool empowers you to swiftly estimate the expenses involved in creating your dream website. By simply adding or removing essential website elements, you can gain valuable insights into the cost structure. Whether you’re an individual, a startup, or an established business in India, our user-friendly calculator provides clarity on budgeting for your web project. Start planning your web journey with confidence, knowing that we’ve got your website’s cost covered.

What is a Complete Website package?

A complete website package is, as the name suggests, a website that you can buy online. There is nothing more that you need to do. The developer takes care of everything that you need. The domain name, the hosting and of course, the design and development of the website itself. It is sometimes the most sensible thing to do when you are starting out with your first website. Ideal for startups, small businesses, individuals and professionals these websites offer superlative value at a very lucrative price.

Are you paying your website developer more than you should

Need a website but do not know how much should you budget. Want to know how much will your website cost ? Presenting Sears Communication’s Website Cost Calculator for India! A smart calculator that does the job in a jiffy. No more calling up agencies and making enquiries. Just go ahead and find out on your own. And if you make a mistake you can go back to stage 1 or do the calculation once again. After all, it only takes a minute. So go ahead and make your plans.

To begin click on GET STARTED and allow the programme to begin. Tick or check the details mentioned and you will know all about your proposed website.

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All our website plans come with integrated business mail when combined with our hosting. And our Hosting is COMPLETELY FREE for the first year.

How much does it cost to make my website ?

Estimate the cost of a website easily using this awesome tool.



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Server features

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Choose an operating system

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Step A

Setting up You Website

A search button helps visitors quickly find out details from your pages.

Link for Facebook, Insta, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin.

Links that are on the top for Navigation. Ex: HOME,ABOUT,PRODUCTS, CONTACT etc.

A pop up is a info box that comes up and disappears. For special offers, promotions etc.

This is one time SEO, which requires periodic maintenance and moderation.

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Step B

Pages are different from Links. You may have 5 links but just one Page.

A slider is usually on top of a website and shows 3 or 4 images about the product or service of the brand.

Our Logo service offers you 2 Logo choices. You can choose one and modify it further for 2 more times.

A short form helping the visitor send his message to your mail in a specific format.

A website which acts like an online shop. Like Amazon or Flipkart.

Number of products determine the variation required.

A method of accepting Card Payments.

A section where log in is through user id and password.

Use their gmail or facebook ids to log in to your website

For Hotels the booking may be date wise, for Restaurants/Salons it may be Time wise.

A CMS allows you to change images, text on your website.

Emails like

This is the overall look of your website. With each slab the overall look becomes more and more refined.

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Final cost

The final estimated price is :


Discount :
Total :
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