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Social Media has emerged as a significant part of marketing spends and time share for many companies, both large and not so large. Yet most companies view Social Media with the approach of traditional media. At Sears Communication we enable you to draw the right perspective to view , direct and benefit from efforts in social media.

Our Social Media Marketing facilitates and enables a closer and more approachable connect with your customers, providing them a direct, almost one-to-one interfacing platform. At periodic intervals, we accumulate generated data to draw inferences and directions for your next marketing strategy. Our social media trackers are sharp professionals who draw out the strengths and opportunities for your brand, trigger online decisions and facilitate offline boost enabling a higher mindshare for your brand.

Be it your facebook, twitter, linked-in, google plus, you-tube, instagram or any other page, the purpose of our social media team is to enable a broader and widespread connect specific to your target. We believe that the strength of a social media strategy lies not in the numbers alone, but how the numbers are made up. We provide a sharp strategy that is focused to your target group alone thus generating a more accurate customer engagement thus a better ROI for your spends.