Refund Policy

This is the refund policy for all products sold through our Shop Pages and are sold by Sears Communication Services Pvt Ltd, Ground Floor, 1/28 Viveknagar, 16/3B Jheel Road, Calcutta 700 075, India.

Please read the following terms and conditions of a Refund :

  1. As a general rule, Sears Communication Services Private Limited, hereinafter called ‘the Company’, does not encourage or allow refunds on any digital products or promotional items sold by them;
  2. The products sold by the Company are especially designed for each brand and is specific and applicable for that brand only. Hence, they have no commercial value to anyone else other than the brand that uses and promotes them;
  3. However, we offer a 100% REFUND of money in case the following happens to any product/lot :  a) the product does not meet specifications as quoted on our website or b) it is delivered to the recipient in a soiled, broken, torn, mutilated or in any other damaged condition. This clause is specifically applicable to physical products and not digital products like domain names, websites, design service, seo service and the like;
  4. In case of the incident as detailed in point 3 occurs with any of our packages (containing physical products only), the recipient needs to immediately bring the matter to our notice by a written mail to giving complete details of the damage or defect and with at least 2 photographs of the defect/damage clearly depicting the problem;
  5. We shall respond to the email within 48 hours of receipt of such mail and only upon our specific instruction through our Defective Articles Return mail from us, in writing, the recipient of such a defective/damaged product shall courier the product back to us at our package originating address as mentioned on the package;
  6. Please note that in case of any doubts regarding return address please refer to instruction that we send during our Defective Articles Return mail as referred to in point 5 above;
  7. The return courier charges shall have to be borne by the customer;
  8. We shall refund 100% of the payment received for such a defective product and/or as received by us under your return courier and/or as described in our Defective Articles Return mail, whichever is applicable, within 48 hours of receipt of the said courier at our address;
  9. Please note that our maximum liability in all such cases is restricted up to 100% of the product price and we shall not be in a position to allow any other loss or damages or payment for loss of goodwill etc.
  10. By accepting and ordering through our website you acknowledge having read and understood this Refund Policy clearly.