Emerging Trends for Indian Websites

How 2021 is ushering a new era in web design

Emerging Trends for Indian Websites

Emerging Trends for Indian Websites. Trends, like fashion, is like a circle. It goes round and round. And the field of website design is no exception to this. Old trends are resurfacing and coming back with a new feel. Retro fonts, wavy scrolling, horizontal swipes are some of the old trends making a comeback. Headlines are becoming chunkier with heavy captions to catch the eye.

And added with these are the new trends – 3D illusioning, parallax and multimedia experiential pages. Although these new trends tend to be either overused or used where unnecessary in most websites. What is now becoming clear is that most users are not liking the overuse of technology. Dazzling vertical scrolls, parallax movements without a meaning are becoming passé.

Further, the trend that is clearly emerging is the shift away from gimmicks to actual user information and experience. The pandemic has brought many of us much closer to the internet than ever before. People who never ever thought of transacting online have now become compulsive online shoppers. More and more people are shopping on mobile devices, as a result e com players are concentrating much more on faster load times and are getting rid of unnecessary frills. The fallout is this loss of love for gimmicks and visual dazzlers and the rise of content worthiness and clean user experiences.

Top brands like Nestle, Sony and Maruti have completely moved away from gimmicks to content rich user experiences.

E Com websites have emerged as a very large and furiously growing segment in India, but here too the focus is more on content. Clearer, sharper images. Detailed explanation of product features and disclaimers, more customer centric returns policies are all part of this trend in India.