choosing a web design company

Choosing a Website Designing Company – The world wide web (www as one would call it) is a unique world.  And in this ever growing digital universe, where every enterprise has a website to talk about what they are doing, if you don’t look for ways to have a strong web presence then you are actually pushing yourself and your brand backward. Because instead of promoting your brand you are actually helping your brand to get lost in ignominy.  

So, what can you do to get a foothold in this digital universe?  Half the battle is won by choosing the right Website Designing Company.

Building an awesome website

This the first and the most important step towards a foothold in the virtual world. The design of a website is completely subjective. What I like a lot someone else may not approve so wholesomely. However, one can easily differentiate between a good and a bad web design. A good design would tell the whole story in just one glance. So when you look at a Pet Trainer’s website in 5 seconds it should become clear that it is a pet-love related website and not a place where you buy and sell cats and dogs. That’s a clear sign of a well designed website. But before we move forward let us quickly understand a few terms :

  1. Web Design: Web design refers to the overall look of the website. How the various topics are arranged. How the Links are placed. It includes a wide array of design areas like graphic design, page layout and in some cases the content of the page. Nowadays, most website designs use software languages like HTML and CSS.
  2. Web designer: In simple terms a web designer is someone who is entrusted to work on a website to make it appear friendly and readable to the viewer. It is the responsibility of the web designer to ensure that all contents are easily and clearly accessible. Their layout and placement is made in such a way as to appeal to the target group. For example, a pet lover would be more attracted to lovely images of pets rather than dog shampoos, clothing and feed. Although they are equally important and must find prominent position. Therefore, the work website designers or web designers do is to make your website user friendly and attractive and includes :
Emerging Trends for Indian Websites
  • Creating designs and layouts.
  • Doing graphical and multimedia inclusion if required.
  • Working on visual appearance and usability of website.
  1. Website design companies: What are web design companies ? Well, these are businesses whose primary job is to ensure that their clients get their website designed as per their requirement. However, it is also important for these companies to suggest, recommend and comply with industry trends and design requirements. Because it is the website design company which has expertise in the field of making websites. A client may have detailed and intrinsic knowledge about his business but it is the responsibility of the web design company to advise the client on ways to present the information about the client’s business to the outside world.  It is their responsibility to make the website user friendly, improve the content and its reach in order to bring traffic to your page. Thus increasing brand recall and business.


Now that you have a clear idea of what web designing is all about and how web design companies work to create your website, let us go through some standard checks to help you decide on choosing a Website Designing Company that would work for you :

  • The first step is to dive deep into your chosen company’s website. See what they offer. Does it suit your requirement? Do not look at the price at this stage. That can come in later;
  • Check whether the company provides only standard solutions or do they also offer custom made, bespoke designs;
  • Check the offer in great details. Who does the designing of elements like logo, special graphics, banners and sliders? Do they have a team to undertake that for you? Do they have copy writing and content creation skills or do they want you to provide them to you. Do they have a facility for creating product images for you, in case you need them? These are key elements in selecting your web designer and arriving at the correct value they will provide.
  • Obviously, the richer the value basket the higher the price. So you should only select the module that suits your needs and not mindlessly go for the most premium offering;
  • But as a general rule, it is always better to choose a web design company that offers you a wider spectrum of services, even if you do not need all of them at the start;
  • During your initial process of selection, notice whether they are listening to your ideas carefully and then bringing their own ideas to the table or not.
  • Check their portfolio and previous work.

We hope we have covered the key elements of website design in the paragraphs above. However, the subject is vast and any attempt at being exhaustive on the topic is fraught with challenges.

We welcome your comments and suggestions to make this topic more enriched and meaningful.